The Personal Computer Radio Show - 10.03.18

October 3rd, 2018

Personal Computer Show Wednesday, October 3rd 2018 Broadcast IN THE NEWS 1. 50 million Facebook accounts breached 2. The FCC is finally cracking down on the use of spoofed local numbers 3. Tim Berners-Lee launched his vision for an alternative web 4. Verizon’s 5G home Internet service is now live in four US cities 5. Whatever happened to Sprint and WiMAX? FEATURE SEGMENTS Health Tech Insider – Dr Alfred Poor  artificial intelligence diagnoses disease from eye scans, and  genetic disorders from face photos;  low-cost health tags attach to your clothes so you don’t have to remember to wear them From the Tech Corner  Where are we today with cord cutting?  Do you know who has your data? Home Automation – Marty Winston  Christopher Columbus did not have crowdfunding 

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