The Personal Computer Radio Show - 08.29.18

August 29th, 2018

Personal Computer Show Wednesday, August 29th 2018 Broadcast IN THE NEWS  Linux is 25 years old. How big is its market share?  RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer – Windows on ARM FEATURE SEGMENTS Health and Wearable Technologies – Dr. Alfred Poor  A backpack gives you four arms;  Fitness band data predicts patient outcomes;  $25 ventilator could save babies’ lives From the Tech Corner - Smartphone Tech – Hank Kee, Joe King  CDMA vs GSM - What's the Difference?  Confusion in the Marketplace  Where is the Adroid Pie documentation? Home Automation – Marty Winston  Sensor measures the round-trip echo time of ultrasonic sound to determine how far away an object is. "

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