The Personal Computer Radio Show - 08.09.22

August 11th, 2022

" The Personal Computer Show Wednesday August 10th 2022 Streaming on the Internet 6:00 PM Eastern Time IN THE NEWS o The James Webb Telescope and the Big-Bang Theory o China Graft Probes Stem from Anger Over Failed CHIP Plans o $52.7 Billion Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Act o AT&Ts $14 Million Class Action Settlement o New NAND Flash Paves the Way for Super Cheap Large SSDs o Google TV to Add Its Own Free Live TV ITPro Series with Benjamin Rockwell o Work vs Home Computer Part 1 of 2 From the Tech Corner o Google Hit with Lawsuit for Dropping Free Workspace Apps o Firefox Loses Users and Websites o Raspberry Pi Soon to Have a New OS o Duck Duck Go Releases New Microsoft Blockers after Backlash Technology Chatter with Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston o Chuckles Candy and Tech Changes "

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