The Personal Computer Radio Show - 07.24.19

July 24th, 2019

Personal Computer Show Wednesday July 24th 2019 6:00 PM Eastern Time IN THE NEWS • Delete These Banned Stalkerware Apps From Your Android Phone • News on the Consumer Electronics Retail Front • Web Browser Extensions Leak Privacy • China Scrambles to Stem Manufacturing Exodus as 50 Companies Leave • LooCipher Ransomware Decryptor Gets Your Files Back for Free • WhatsApp Infects Millions of Android Phones with Malware • Amazon Alexa Keeps Conversations Forever and Shares Them FEATURED SEGMENTS IT Pro Series – Benjamin Rockwell • Prevention, not waiting til something breaks From the Tech Corner – Hank Kee • U.S. Consumer Tech Sales for 2019 to Surpass $400 Billion • Apple Loyalty declining Home Automation – Marty Winston • Dumb backup the smart choice to dodge cyber attacks 

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