The Personal Computer Radio Show - 04.07.21

April 7th, 2021

 The Personal Computer Show Wednesday April 7th 2021 Streaming On the Internet 6:00 PM Eastern Time IN THE NEWS o LG is Quitting the Smartphone Business o Critical Vulnerability Affects Bluetooth-Enabled Cameras o New Windows 10 Update Could Fix Problem with Drivers o Selfies have Become a Mainstay of Popular Culture. o Google wins Java Dispute, Oracle Remains Defiant o IBM Brings to Market Quantum Computer o Hard Disk Drive New Technology FEATURE SEGMENTS Presenting IT Pro Series with Benjamin Rockwell o Applicant Tracking System adtl thoughts From the Tech Corner o Mainframe Computing is Still With Us o The Mainframe Computer is Alive and Thriving Presenting All Hands on Tech with Marty Winston o Connecting the Dots from Flicker to Liquor 

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