The Personal Computer Radio Show - 01.27.21

January 27th, 2021

The Personal Computer Show Wednesday January 27th 2021 Streaming On the Internet 6:00 PM Eastern Time IN THE NEWS o Apple iPhone 12 Can Deactivate a Defibrillator o FCC Stick with 6-Year-Old Broadband Standard of 25Mbps/download and 3Mbps/upload speeds o Americans Balking at Buying Smart Home Devices FEATURE SEGMENTS IT Pro series- Benjamin Rockwell o Pragati - Incremental improvements From the Tech Corner – Hank Kee o How Often Should You Reboot Your Computer? o Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smart Home o The Smart Refrigerators is an extreme example of a smart device looking for a need o 75th anniversary of ENIAC, the first programmable, electronic, general-purpose digital computer All Hands on Tech – Marty Winston o Enjoying the cam on the dash when there isn't a crash

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