The Personal Computer Radio Show - 01.19.22

January 19th, 2022

"The Personal Computer Show Wednesday January 19, 2022 Streaming on the Internet 6:00 PM Eastern Time IN THE NEWS o Microsoft to Acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7B o Firefox Browser was Failing to Load Websites o Norton AV Adds Crypto-Miner and Takes Cut of Earnings o Micron 176-Layer QLC SSD o Google, Facebook CEOs Signed Off on Allegedly Illegal Ad Deal o IRS Targets Payment Transactions over $600 o Canon Shuts Down Major Camera Factory o JAPAN’S Top Selling Cameras in 2021 o Semiconductor Shortage Affects Canon Toner Cartridges IT Pro Series with Benjamin Rockwell o Complaints for IT Part 3 of 5 From The Tech Corner o A Full Function 100% Free Tax Preparation Application o LibreOffice v7.3 two New Languages Klingon and Interslavic o Mozilla to Track Facebook Tracking You o Cyber Criminals Mailing Out USB Drives with Malware "

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