The Personal Computer Radio Show

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"Wednesday, February 15, 2017 Broadcast on the Internet 6 PM ET In The News o Mac and Windows Skype users need to update by March 1st o FBI will require FOIA requests via FAX starting March 1st o Microsoft to Retire Windows Vista April 11th ending all support o Verizon vs ATT vs T-Mobile vs Sprint unlimited data plan o Matte black iPhone 7 losing paint o China New Supercomputer – 125 petaflops, 10,649,600 cores, 1.31 petabytes memory o H1-B visa holders account for up to 13% of American technology jobs o Nikon Kills Production and Sales of DL high end compact cameras o Super Bowl halftime show drones weren’t live o IBM forcing remote workers to return to office to work o New Ransomware Twist o LinkNYC Update Feature Segments o Wearable Tech – Alfred Poor o Simple Computer Tip – Joe Rejeski o Home Automation – Marty Winston "



HP Notebook Computer Battery Recall
Barnes & Noble recalls Nook 7 chargers
Google Pixel Availability
New York AG sues Charter, alleges  fraud on internet speeds
Gmail will stop supporting older versions for XP and Vista
FBI request for Twitter account data
ATT and the T-Mobile Challenge
Vinyl record production gets a much-needed tech upgrade



Wearable Tech – Alfred Poor: EyeQue, LumiWave
Home Automation – Marty Winston:  Septic Tanks



The Personal Computer Show
Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 6 PM ET on the Internet

In The News

Google shutting older versions of Drive, G Suite apps
Microsoft to retire original Windows 10 on March 26
Samsung Galaxy 7 Post Mortem
Personal Computer Sales dropped 5.7% in 2016
Is a Verizon-Charter merger in the works?

 Feature Discussions

Wearable Tech – Personal Biometric Tracking Devices – Alfred Poor
Lightning Strikes and Electrostatic Charges – Marty Winston


The Personal Computer Show
Wednesday, January 25, 2017 6 PM ET on the Internet

 Feature Segments:

o   The Internet of Things and the U.S. Department of Commerce
o   Alfred Poor – Health Tech Insider, Aria Augmented Reality, Rifft Smart Wristband
o   Consumer Alert - ATT, LENOVO  
o   Marty Winston – Newstips, Report from the International Builders Show

In The News:
o   Verizon Unlimited Data No Longer Unlimited
o   Did Someone Say Kodachrome


The Personal Computer Show

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Topical Segments

o   CES 2017 Wearable Tech Report - Dr Alfred Poor

o   You never fail to outgrow your stuff – Marty Winston

o   Norway Becomes First Country to Start Switching Off FM Radio

o   The Computing Platform of Tomorrow

In The News

o   Amazon to hire additional 100,000 workers over 18 months

o   Artificial intelligence keeps IBM atop 2016 patent list

o   Consumer Reports Now Recommends MacBook Pros


Everything Old is New Again

o   Vinyl Records

o   Turntables

o   Ektachrome Revival

o   Super 8 Camera

 Tax Preparation Programs
3d Printing Technology in 2017 
5 Unexpected STEM Cities
Marty Winston ELF

In the News

o   DJI Acquires Hasselblad
o   T-Mobile will credit low-data users $10 a month


The Personal Computer Show
January 4, 2017

Alfred Poor – Wearable Tech in 2017
Hank Kee - Cybersecurity Misdirection
Marty Winston – Review of Preventive Maintenance

In the News
FDA Guidelines for Pacemaker
Free WiFi  279 Subway Stations
Amazon Alexa in Murder Case
Reliability and Usability
Shifting from HDD to SSD
Microsoft Qualcomm Windows 10 32 bit OS


The Personal Computer Show
Wednesday, December 28, 2016

IBM Lays Out Plans to Hire 25,000

Apple vs FBI

New MacBook Pros Fail to Earn Consumer Reports Recommendation

Caveat Emptor -  Alibaba back on counterfeit blacklist

Chromebook on a PC

Raspberry Pi PIXEL on a PC

Trends and consumer products that made it through 2016


Where are we today with Wearable Technology?

Where are we today with the Google Chromebook?

In The News:

o   Solid State Drive Price Increases

o   American Tech Refuses to Hand Over to China Source Code and Blueprints

o   Netflix Binge Watching

o   What You Need to Know About Cord Cutting

o   Android Gooligan Malware Alert

o   Nike Self Lacing Sneakers


From the Tech Corner:

o   How to Create Windows Recovery Media


The Personal Computer Show
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 6:00 PM ET

o   Black Friday Alerts
o   Wires and Wireless
o   Analog to Digital World
o   Stocking Stuffers
o   Tips Buying a Blue Tooth Speaker
o   What is High Fidelity?
o   Reliability of Hard Disk and Solid State Drives


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